HORI COMPRESSORS use the original oscillation technology which was designed by Mr KOHEI HORI in JAPAN and first used on trucks in 1962.

The design has been further developed and improved over the last few years to make the compressor suitable for all trucks worldwide.

The outstanding quality of the oil free HORI COMPRESSOR is confirmed by our standard 3 year warranty.
It is the only compressor which is suitable for all areas of the world and all operating conditions. Working in temperatures of 50°C to 40°C minus. The compressors are also working on board US Navy Aircraft Carriers.

In some parts of the world maintenance is not considered important but the HORI COMPRESSOR continues to give good service because of the very strong design and high quality. Some compressors are still working after 15 years in service. Screw compressors and other types require careful constant attention but HORI maintenance is not critical. More than 50,000 units have entered service over the last few years.

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