oscillation technology   OSCILLATION  TECHNOLOGY

The rotor rocks left and then right compressing the air through a series of reed valves. This function has the same effect as a piston compressor. The end result is high efficiency and oil free air.

When the crankshaft is driven, the rotor (4) provides a right and left rocking motion in figure. With the rotor (4) being turned counterclockwise, the suction valve plate (A) is closed and the suction valve plate (B) is opened, the air being introduced into the cylinder (3) through the suction valve plate (B). This results in the air in the cylinder (3) being compressed, which causes the discharge valve plate (C) to be opened, the air being discharged into the outlet pipe. During this process, the discharge valve plate (D) is kept closed. When the rotor (4) is turned clockwise, the respective valve plates make a reverse operation. Thus, each one revolution of the crankshaft provides suction and discharge two times.

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